HotPass membership


The New HotPass membership will unlock a number of interesting privileges to the Speed-Talk forum.
  1. The Speed-Talk Vendors forum, where companies can promote their products/services and offer discounts to HotPass members. HotPass members can also post questions/comments to the Vendors.
  2. The Speed-Talk Interviews forum, where HotPass members can listen to over 60 technical interviews from some of the biggest names in racing. These are many of the same interviews that were for sale on SpeedTalk, and are now free to HotPass-members.
  3. The David Vizard Tech forum, where DV will post a Monthly tech article, and HotPass members will be able to post questions/comments about the articles. David will also have information about any upcoming seminars, or projects he's working on (David and I, are still working out the details).
  4. New advanced subject forums like EFI-Tuning, Forced Induction. more to come about this.
Must register as a Speed-Talk member, before purchasing your HotPass membership.

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