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215 Buick bore spacing

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Keith Morganstein
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Re: 215 Buick bore spacing

Post by Keith Morganstein »

The Rover V8 ( Rover bought the Buick V8) eventually was produced as a
5.0 Liter engine. Not too shabby with up to 340 hp (factory)
The engine had a very good run, being manufactured through from
1960- 2006.

After Ford took over, the Rover V8 engines got phased out in favor of either an AJ8 or ford mod engine.
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Re: 215 Buick bore spacing

Post by peejay »

Schurkey wrote:
ProPower engines wrote:I remember them best from an MG I had many years ago. Seemed cool to have the only english built car with an american V8 that came stock production.
MG, Triumph, Morgan all used the Buick-based V-8.

Jensen used Mopar big blocks--383, 440, 440+6.

Of course, there were the Sunbeam Tigers with SBF power, but those were engine-ed by Jensen, the way Shelby did the Cobras.
Bristol also used Mopar engines, sometimes with a turbo hung on top for extra grins.
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Re: 215 Buick bore spacing

Post by pdq67 »

Old thread, but still interesting to me.

My neighbor has a Jensen Interceptor in his garage with 440 MOPAR/4-speed in it.

Never drives it, just sits. I think he once said that its carb. needed worked on and it would be good to go.

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