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Welding Cast Iron Block

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Dave Koehler
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Re: Welding Cast Iron Block

Post by Dave Koehler »

They are still around. I used to get 235 chevy and farmall M heads from them far too often.
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Re: Welding Cast Iron Block

Post by jake197000 »

am not an expert on cast iron welding but have done a fair bit of it with good results.the no preheat rod works well.but only as in all cast iron welding,weld about half an inch or so,peen it,brush it and repeat.i like to heat it with a propane torch on it first and keep the torch on as im welding.then cover it with a welding blanket and let it cool had a cast iron vise break in half years ago.weled it and still going strong.i also use regular cast iron rod.keep you rods DRY.
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