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Chevy Goodwrench Crate Motor Info...

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Re: Chevy Goodwrench Crate Motor Info...

Post by F-BIRD'88 »

All these 260-290 hp crate motors with dished pistons and 76 cc heads have very low real CR.
Replace the pistons with +4 cc domes for these heads.
Low cost but much better than oem UEM KB claimers.
The low low cr is the performance cork.
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Re: Chevy Goodwrench Crate Motor Info...

Post by BOOT »

cardo0 wrote: Mon Jul 01, 2019 11:31 am
GARY C wrote: Mon Jul 01, 2019 5:28 am This would actually make an interesting EMC class, All competitors start with this block, head and rotating assembly and everything else is left to the builder...
Well there's a better long block to start with. The vortec headed truck block is only a few bucks more and had hyper pistons with vortec heads (needs drilling for a mechanical fuel pump rod though).

Really there are all kinds of long block crate motors in all the major brands that would make a good challenge. But ya know it gets done every day by the budget hot rodder - just doesn't get published every time.
I got lucky my vortec remanufacturered Jegs ATK crate 350 has a mech fuel pump.
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Re: Chevy Goodwrench Crate Motor Info...

Post by pdq67 »

Might camouflage an old pair of -041 big valve heads and use steel shims to up the poor CR so that you can use a decent cam.

IF you can??

I think the -041's have bolt holes on their ends.....

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Re: Chevy Goodwrench Crate Motor Info...

Post by rebelyell »

Regional 2bbl restricted class allows flattops (but not above deck) & requires unported OE iron heads (but chamber no less than 70cc). SFT Max .480" VL. So everyone runs earlier heavier production 76cc heads milled to 70cc. Quench Gasketed just to point where piston barely kisses head when running. Those attributes are essentially no $ cost but Very effective.
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