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Beehive spring performance ?

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Re: Beehive spring performance ?

Post by Joe-71 » Sat Oct 05, 2019 5:41 pm

First, I want to thank Mike Jones for the camshaft that we used in the 303 cubic inch Y Block at EMC this year. There is still a question on valve train control that we will be addressing with more dyno testing now that we are back at home. We also are addressing the Sunoco 100 oxygenated fuel and how it responds to tuning here in Texas. It is not available locally, and it has a learning curve that we were unfamiliar with, and 35 minutes is not a lot of time to figure that out. The engine ran flawlessly on 12 pulls in the 35 minutes, with two jet changes, and still was down on power from home. We had an electronic glitch that cleared itself, and we finished in 6th place. The Y Block is a strong little engine, and made 1.5 hp/ci with iron heads and 10.5:1 compression here at home.

We set the springs up as tight as 1.720", and seat pressure of 164#, and had 384# at max lift of .599". Hot lash was tried at .015, .010, .009, .008, and had one push rod to bend at .008".


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