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Anti reversion chambers on my 19 Charger 392

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Walter R. Malik
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Re: Anti reversion chambers on my 19 Charger 392

Post by Walter R. Malik » Sat Mar 21, 2020 3:10 pm

milenkogt wrote:
Fri Mar 20, 2020 5:40 pm
So here are the Stainless Works catless midpipes modified with Dynatech Anti-reversion chambers installed on my 392. This is one of the first production type vehicles publically shown that i've seen with these installed. So I made sure to post on multiple forums so people can see.

The Dynatech anti reversion chambers used are stainless steel 3" in/out. However, they taper down to around 2.75 internally which is fine since my factory exhaust is 2.75.

I'm probably going to modify the factory midpipes and remove the catalyst, but install the 3.5" x 3" Dyntach or Hendren Anti reversion chambers since they internall taper down to 3". Or i'll just use them in the supplied midpipes when I decide to install long tube headers down the road.

Factory 392 hemi midpipes vs Stainless Works/MMX catless mids with AR chambers from Dynatech.




I'm going back to have these dyno tested to see any kind of results. There won't be any tuning involved until later. Wanted to see if these worked on basically a stock untuned vehicle.
Seeing actual results, instead of advertising conjecture, will be very interesting; one way or the other.
Specialty engine building at its finest.

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