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Small block Chevy wet sump oiling improvement

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steve cowan
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Re: Small block Chevy wet sump oiling improvement

Post by steve cowan »

i have not used restrictors for 20 years but i want to revisit that.
i have a gen 1 short block on the engine stand at the moment so i will look at differences between no restrictors and restrictors.
i was surprised with the bleed off using EDM lifters on SFT last year and now i am back to roller cam so oiling the valve springs is important to me.
good points by all and i think Classact summed it up pretty well.
steve c
ProPower engines
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Re: Small block Chevy wet sump oiling improvement

Post by ProPower engines »

You can order cam bearings with no oil hole if you want to restrict a sm blk.
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Re: Small block Chevy wet sump oiling improvement

Post by trmnatr »

hbps1978 wrote: Mon Jan 06, 2020 10:09 pm All,
What can I do to improve my wet sump oiling system? I have a 1989 four bolt main hydraulic roller camshaft block. I'll be using a hydraulic roller camshaft in this engine. This engine will be in a weekend driver. Max rpm of this engine would be in the 5800-6000 rpm range. I will be using Comp Cams short travel lifters. The engine will have aluminum roller rocker arms.
What type of block modifications can I do to keep consistent oil pressure throughout the rpm range. What oil pan and oil pump? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I would not restrict the oiling except maybe oil restricting pushrods and that depends how much oil your rockers bearings/bushings need, would drill the main feed hole larger on at least the three caps, detail the oil pump cavity, drill a hole through thrust face (and plate if factory hr and thrust plate), put a groove into distributor housing to oil cam gear and distributor gear with pressurized oil, enlarge oil hole returns along with the front needing to be lay back so oil can drain, put heads on and gaskets and enlarge drain backs and you can drill and tape holes for lifter valley vent tubes
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