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1978 454 solid cam, all street..

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Re: 1978 454 solid cam, all street..

Post by 1980RS »

We used to buy the 6209 Marine cams from Ligenfelder as take outs for like $25, bought a ton of them and sold all of them but one, which I still have today. It is on a 116.5° LCA and will pull 7K with the right springs. I sold a 6209 to buddy that put it in his 76 3/4 ton Pick up. He called and said I sold him some bum springs then I asked how high he was taking the 454 to, he said about 5K, is that what the tach said, no I just think that what it stops at before the engine breaks up. So I went over there with a tach hooked it up and we went for a ride, sure as heck as he wound it up there was the dreaded valve float but the tach was at 7K, YIKES!. I showed him that and he started shifting it at about 6300 after that. That old cam was great. As I recall GM said for street use advance the cam 6° for best low end performance.
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Re: 1978 454 solid cam, all street..

Post by PRH »

GM part # 6272989 Hyd .500I/.500E Lift 222Int/221Ex @ .050"
At 0 lash checking clearance: IO 56BTDC / IC 120ABC 356 dur EO 107BBC / EC 65 ATC 352 dur 121 deg overlap, marine grind or HP street
116.5 lsa...... and according to those events...... installed at 122 int c/l

The 14096209 appears to have a 115.5 lsa, and an int c/l of 114.
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Re: 1978 454 solid cam, all street..

Post by econo racer »

Any reason to not just run a quality Hydraulic flat tapped? Set the valves then forget it. no matenance. The old 268 comp cam is great.
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