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Question to carb tuners, booster signal ?

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Question to carb tuners, booster signal ?

Post by WPH »


how do you measure booster signal in relation to test pressure ? All air bleeds closed ? From the main jet feed ?
What would you consider "good" signal strength for 10" test pressure, no specific carburetor brand or model ?
I'd like to make comparisons between different secondary booster and main throat combinations on
Weber downdraft carburetors, individual runner setup. Any general testing tips, I'm new to carb testing.


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Re: Question to carb tuners, booster signal ?

Post by jmarkaudio »

I guess it depends on what you are after. I measure the booster itself to compare different boosters. What happens when you add emulsion and fuel will change things, but I can see which booster signals better.
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Re: Question to carb tuners, booster signal ?

Post by rebelrouser »

Just to understand how you guys are measuring booster signal, I take a carb jet and solder a small brass tube to it and hook the velocity probe from my flow bench the get a number on how hard the venture pulls on the jet. I have never seen any number from anybody else. I race a Chrysler in NSS so I mainly work with my AFB's
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