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V8 S10 Engine Ex Manifolds?

General engine tech -- Drag Racing to Circle Track

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Re: V8 S10 Engine Ex Manifolds?

Post by af2 »

bobmc wrote: Fri May 15, 2020 10:56 am for confined towing a 2 door s10 blazer has shorter wheelbase, modern back up camera makes tow hook up easier than the old ways
Off topic a little but a contractor I am doing a house for has a Ford PU with a perfectly con caved licence plate from hooking up his trailer. Now he just has to get a close bump and it drops right in. LOL
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Re: V8 S10 Engine Ex Manifolds?

Post by falcongeorge »

enigma57 wrote: Fri May 15, 2020 12:11 am I've had several early Chevy II's...... a '62, 2 '63's and a '65 station wagon (I like the older square bodies, always thought the '66 - '67's most folks like looked...... Well, odd).

All seemed fairly well balanced. The '65 wagon more so than the others. I took a donor car ('78 Malibu cop car) and grafted the front 2/3rd of the frame under the wagon. Tied it in at the front leaf spring mounts. Handled well and the disc brakes up front did a lot for stopping as well. This was in the early '80s. I believe there are bolt-in front suspension kits for the early Chevy II's now of days. I must say...... The partial Malibu frame graft really made for a solid, well handling car, though. :D

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I have an old Car Life with a test of a '64 283 wagon, it lists it as 50.7/49.3 with a driver and fluids. Add headers, an aluminum rad and intake, move the battery to the spare tire well, and you are gonna be just a tad better than 50/50. Gotta like that!
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Re: V8 S10 Engine Ex Manifolds?

Post by enigma57 »

If for any reason I don't drop the 292 inline 6 into my '57 sedan, it will either go into a '62 - '65 Chevy II or into a '41 - '48 Chevy......


Something nice and roomy and comfortable for road trips. And easy for an old guy such as myself to get in and out of. :D

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