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Why no Ardun hemi head SBC conversion?

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Re: Why no Ardun hemi head SBC conversion?

Post by compguy »

There is one more small block Hemi head conversion to add to the list, but its more recent times: On a trip to California about 20 or so years ago, I stopped by Herbert Cams in Anaheim to buy parts as always, and ran into Chet Herbert after looking at an engine he had there. Wheeled him to his liar where he had the stream liner parts etc, but the interest was the Hemi conversion billet heads, with valve train that he had built. He then spent the next hour explaining and showing me those, going into the thought process behind everything, including rocker ratio's. I did have photo's of them somewhere, will have to go hunting. They were on a SB Chev block, and he planned on making many to sell. He was an old school hot rodder and very switched on. His untimely passing a few years later halted all of that. Such a nice guy taking an hour or so to go into detail to someone he didn't even know..
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Re: Why no Ardun hemi head SBC conversion?

Post by Circlotron »

peejay wrote: Mon Sep 14, 2020 7:34 pm
panic wrote: Sun Sep 13, 2020 7:29 pm they hacked a third off

Makes it sound like actually shortening the parts will do it.
Completely different crankshaft: V12 is usually either a 60° block, or 90° block + 30° pin offset, V8 is usually a 90° block.
Of course they would rejigger the cam and crank ordering. But it was a 60 degree engine, because of its original design as a V12. And, as noted, it was at the time the world's largest single aluminum casting, the crankcase and cylinders were an assembly instead of separate units bolted together.
Ford GAA engine. 60 degree V8 and sounds like a flat plane crank too. Recipe for vibration, not that you would notice in a tank. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2ghTjFtNPo
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Re: Why no Ardun hemi head SBC conversion?

Post by Truckedup »

Shermans were powered by a number of engines.Aircraft radial on gas, a diesel radial, the GAA Ford, dual GMC Diesels and a very different Chrysler 30 cylinder engine
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Re: Why no Ardun hemi head SBC conversion?

Post by RCJ »

Dad drove back in the 50s.Early in his route when he was loaded ,there was a stop sign on a hill.He said you had to alway run it because the truck wouldn’t take off if you stopped. He would kick it in neutral and coast down every hill to keep the motor cool.It had an Allen bolt for a throttle stop. He had never seen an Allen bolt and took a nail and filed it down to fit. Every thing was good till he passed one of the bosses on the highway. They took him off the truck and put him back to loading. The first day the truck gets towed in with a burnt clutch, second day they burn up the motor. Put him back in the truck and didn’t bother him any more. That did rebuilds at 75000 also. They didn’t have oil filters at one time. When a kit came out some of the mechanics argued they didn’t need them.
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