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427 tall deck help

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ProPower engines
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Re: 427 tall deck help

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PFC 1 wrote: Sat Oct 10, 2020 12:04 am Well obviously I have come to right place for information, thank you all for your replies. How much money do we want to spend?, not sure but enough that it will run well. If the crank is good, it sounds like rods and pistons will be the most economical combo plus all the rest. We are not concerned with space because it will be going in a older truck. We are not looking for a super stroker motor, just a solid big block that will take us cruising into the sunset and have some fun building it as well.......that's the best part :)
What some of us are getting at is because the deck is taller the cost to get the comp. up to just 9.5-1 for pump gas is going
to cost a bunch more then you considered.
They are about 7.8 -8.0 barely but if your content of just doing a stock build with the 4 ring pistons and a good cut off the deck and heads and some MLS head gaskets and a FT cam upgrade that will work as well for you.
But consider the cost of the core you are starting with...........................................................
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Little Mouse
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Re: 427 tall deck help

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All kinds of 427 high comp. Pistons for a 427 oval port heads in cheap at cost cast pistons. You simply buy .400 longer rods 6.535 that are common as dirt on the ground today at cheap prices. You simply buy 427/ 390hp car pistons for it in cast aluminum like they used from the factory. Over 10 to 1 compression.
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