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Cam King

General engine tech -- Drag Racing to Circle Track

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Re: Cam King

Post by Orr89rocz »

CamKing wrote: Sun Jan 10, 2021 11:34 am
pastry_chef wrote: Sat Jan 09, 2021 6:56 pm Mike,
I recall talk of a cam program in progress that would eventually be available for purchase. Is that still in the works?
Thank you.
No. We use to sell a cam program I wrote, that calculated the optimum cam, and picked the closest lobe profiles, from all our designs.
I did this, to reduce the amount of time, I would spend on figuring out what cams my customers needed. It turned out to be the opposite. The program would pick the same profiles, I would most likely pick, but the customers would either not believe the results, or have 20 questions on why the program picked the profiles. I spent more time answering questions, then I would spend calculating what they would need for a cam.
Lol customers know cams better than the cam guy apparently lol. Thats my favorite when a guy gets a recommendation and it doesnt look like what they think it should based on what they have read and seen on the net lol
skinny z
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Re: Cam King

Post by skinny z »

It gets even more complicated when 3 cam guys offer 3 different specs and they're all different from what the web or books or magazines throw out there.
That problem is that ultimately the cam selection process has to go beyond filling out a form. There's a conversation that has to happen if you want to have something really dialed in.
Either that or you take the recommendations and decipher them the best you can for whatever it is you intend to do. Some understanding of the science is helpful.
I'll say though that for the most part, that being the average enthusiast and not the professional, the performance results might differ so little that the cam spec can move one way or another with little noticeable effect. (All to a certain degree of course). There would be too many other variables to be able to isolate the cams influence on the entire package.

Anyway, that's my 2 cents.
Gathering parts and knowledge...
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