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400 sbc build

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Re: 400 sbc build

Post by af2 »

rocketracer380 wrote: Thu Oct 15, 2020 6:51 pm do i need such a narrow lsa for a 406 i figure the 112 is better for nos
You just threw the original post in the ditch with the nos.... Jeeseze
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Re: 400 sbc build

Post by F-BIRD'88 »

Running nos with a 106 lsa cam in your 400 will not slow you down... But when running on the motor you are much better off with a 106 lsa cam than a big 112 lsa cam.

You don't need a " nitrous cam" on this motor ,at this level.

All the cams I suggested will work great with nitrous on your 400.
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Re: 400 sbc build

Post by rfoll »

What you expect for street manners will dictate cam selection. How much streets vs trip is in the future? A 400 SBC will swallow about 220 degrees without a converter change. High stall converters get real old for a daily driver.
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Re: 400 sbc build

Post by rustbucket79 »

Cam to rod isn’t an issue with factory 400 rods, they have shorter bolts.

If you were trying to do this on the super cheap, and had access to a stock style short block in decent shape I wouldn’t hesitate to reuse it with vortec heads, the compression would be about right for a street engine. Limit to 5500, you don’t need to buzz a mild 400 to get the best out of it. They will swallow a pretty sizeable cam and respond positively. Keep in mind vortec heads lose their value once you start machining for double springs, screw in studs and guide plates, etc. You will need to run a guided rocker arm with these heads.

BTW Paul, I shift my 406 at 7800, all it takes is the proper parts list. :mrgreen:
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