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Burst oil filter,22re

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Re: Burst oil filter,22re

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rebelrouser wrote: Sun Nov 15, 2020 4:31 pm On my personal race engine, and street car engine, I recommend them to most as well, but I use a system one oil filter. It has a super heavy aluminum housing, so it will not split, stainless steel mesh filter element is easy to clean and look for debris, I think they are 30 micron, and eventually it will pay for itself as you only buy one for the engine. And if you care, it is friendly to the environment, nothing goes to the landfill. Is there a reason you guys do not like those type of filters?
I like using system1 filters in the funnycar that gets oil changed every few runs. But for my street cars that get a filter change after 5000 miles I like finer filtering. That is just me though.

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