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Stock LS lifters for cam

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Stock LS lifters for cam

Post by Therriaultper »

I have a BTR cam for a LS the cam lift is 560 the question is can I use stock lifters with this cam ? Any information would be great thanks
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Re: Stock LS lifters for cam

Post by BOOT »

Did you ask BTR?

What is the use?

Are the lifters new or used?

More details may get you more interaction.
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Re: Stock LS lifters for cam

Post by jed »

I'll get push back on this but I worked at a LS shop that built 2 to 4 long blocks a week used I think Eaton lifters
and had virtually No engines come back with lifter problems. The engines were 600 hp to 1500hp street and race turbo and aspirated. Camshafts lifts ranged .600 to .825. RPM were 6000/9000.
I would not be affrade of stock LS lifters.
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Re: Stock LS lifters for cam

Post by CamKing »

Run these GM lifters
GM 12499225
Mike Jones
Jones Cam Designs

Denver, NC
Jones Cam Designs' HotPass Vendors Forum: viewforum.php?f=44
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