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Why two ladders?

Shocks, Springs, Brakes, Frame, Body Work, etc

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Re: Why two ladders?

Post by peejay »

Nefario wrote: Wed Aug 01, 2018 12:31 pm
BillyShope wrote: Wed Jun 27, 2018 9:07 am Why do the builders of ladder bar cars use two ladders?
I'll suggest that most builders have never heard of 6 degrees of freedom or understand what that means. You also need to be able to visual the 6 motions and how they are controlled. Or just use rubber bushings and let parts bend...which is fine in many applications.
Part of what took me so long to stick a Ford 9" rearend in a thirty year old Mazda was my insistence that the suspension have a completely full range of articulation without binding. I had to compromise the suspension geometry a bit, and shave the top of the pumpkin for Watts linkage clearance, and do some unhealthy things to the Watts bellcrank, but I got it to work.

Most people just figure the suspension barely moves, so who cares.
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Re: Why two ladders?

Post by Krooser »

The four link dirt late model suspensions use a single "lift arm" with two shocks/springs at the end of the lift arm that controls torque on acceleration and deceleration.
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