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800 lb., 3 wheeler

Shocks, Springs, Brakes, Frame, Body Work, etc

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800 lb., 3 wheeler

Post by agertz1 »

3 seater, 2 wheels in front. Quite aero for size,( upside-down aluminum boat). Yes, looks weird, but air doesn't care about styling. Large motorcycle engine/trans, at first. Plan is to use made-from-scratch, inline 3 cyl., later.(transverse). HP to weight, pretty good. Aluminum VW front suspension, with Mitchell spindle mount, front wheels. Aluminum rotors bolted to outer rim,(using inside calipers). Constructive comments ?
Thanks, Art.
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Re: 800 lb., 3 wheeler

Post by PackardV8 »

Your build, your money, your decision. Just consider by using a motorcycle engine/trans, you're reinventing the front wheel drive and transaxle already perfected by European/Japanese small car genius designers. Why not look at what's already out there? Also consider the CVT transaxles, as they maximize the fun by being able to point and shoot without having to shift gears.

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