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Final Scores For The Race Engine Challenge

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Final Scores For The Race Engine Challenge

Post by Gregory »

Randy Malik C3 Ford 1623
Greg Brown Ford Hemi 1610
Carlo Aghbashian GEN III Hemi 1582
Ron Stanislawczk Cleveland 1579
Darrick Vaseleniuck SB2 1554
Jack Barna SBM 1549
Nick Vaseleniuck Olds 1548
Jammie Wells LS/SBC Hybrid 1442
Jammie Wells SBC 1435
Corey Short SBM 1370
Len Caverly Pontiac 1362
Dale Robinson Olds 1332
Buck Hinkle SB2 DNF

Tomorrow, Saturday, is the finals between the top two: Randy Malik and Greg Brown. Randy won the coin flip and chose to go second.
To understand how the scores are arrived at go to the web page ( www.RaceEngineChallenge.com ) under rules first paragraph.
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Re: Final Scores For The Race Engine Challenge

Post by midnightbluS10 »

I can only make one suggestion. Next year, don't make a new thread every time another team gets done running. Just add the score to the "Day #x" thread and keep it all in a single place so it's easier to compare one to the other and you don't fill up the forum with 20 threads, all with the same exact name. You can't even be sure which one you've looked at or commented in when you make 6 "Day 1", 6" Day 2", 6 "Day 3" and 6 "Day 4" threads titled the exact same thing.

Make one "Day 1" thread and add a post each time you need to add another score. Same for day 2, 3, and 4 so there's only 4 threads or 8(4 for each class) instead of 20 of them.
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bigjoe1 wrote:By the way, I had a long talk with Harold(Brookshire) last year at the PRI show. We met at the airport and he told me everything he knew about everything.It was a nice visit. JOE SHERMAN RACING
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