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WTB USED LS lifters

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WTB USED LS lifters

Post by BOOT » Sat Dec 01, 2018 5:27 pm

I need three sets(48 +/-) USED LS lifters newer style 12499225 not older and deff not SBC or LT1(gen II). Before I scrounge local junkyards I figured I'd check on here cause some prob go thru sets of them all the time at their shop or w/e. Keep in mind if your price is close to new then why wouldn't I spend a few more bucks for new? I am not gonna use them as lifters in an engine so they don't need to be perfect conduction but not collapsed or total junk.

Also if yah got some used caddilac style 88958689 lifters I'd like a set of those just to tear apart and check out.

I'm in no rush, so post or pm your price for w/e yah got.

Don't want any of the active cylinder DOD w/e lifters.
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