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Machine Shop Equipment for sale in Washington State

NOT ALLOWED: Selling or reselling in a retail manner.

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Machine Shop Equipment for sale in Washington State

Post by BillK » Mon Jul 27, 2020 9:30 pm

Sharing for a friend from another site:

Hi all,

An auto teacher friend of mine died a year and a half ago.
He had a very successful engine machining business on the
side. His wife would like to sell the equipment. Her
preference would be that an auto tech school or instructor
buy it. But an interested shop would be welcome as well. It
is all located in the outskirts of Vancouver, Washington.
She is looking to get $25,000 for it which is WAY less than
it is worth. She may be able to do a partial donation if
sold to a school.

Here is a list of the equipment:

Sunnen CV-616 Cylinder Hone - plus accessories

Sunnen - Line Hone - Plus accessories

Sunnen Rod Machine LBB-1810 - plus mandrels

Sunnen Cap Grinder

Sunnen - Rod Heater

3 Phase Converter

Winona RV-12 NR8654 Seat & Guide Machine - plus accessories

Valve Facer

Winona Surfacer

Large Peterson Surfacer

Kwik-Way Jet Spray Washer

Sioux Bead Tumbler

Polamco TUM35 Metal Lathe - Plus accessories

Cam Bearing Drive Set

Several Bolt Bins, Metal Benches, Misc Engine Kits,

Plus lots of extra stuff

Here is a link to pictures: https://www.flick...hotos/189165660@N03/ [flickr.com]

My email address for any questions is:
kvangelder@cdxauto.com [mailto]

Thanks all!

Kirk VanGelder
Clark County Skills Center
Vancouver, Washington, USA
Bill Koustenis
Advanced Automotive Machine
Waldorf Md


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Re: Machine Shop Equipment for sale in Washington State

Post by PackardV8 » Fri Jul 31, 2020 11:55 am

Don Dennis told me he bought this complete shop recently, so is the info still active?
Jack Vines
Studebaker-Packard V8 Limited
Obsolete Engineering

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