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Free To A Good Home - 1984 Caprice Chassis

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Free To A Good Home - 1984 Caprice Chassis

Post by enigma57 »

Free To A Good Home - 1984 Chevy Caprice chassis. Includes frame, suspension, rearend and wheels. Has bolt-on trailer hitch.

These can be modified to mount under '55 - '57 Chevy bodies. And all factory 9C1 cop car and Impala SS through 1996 and aftermarket high performance suspension, brakes, rearend, etc. for Caprice and Impala SS through 1996 will bolt to this frame. This was what I was going to do at one point and then swap it under my '57 sedan.

We are NW of Houston, Texas. Chassis is in my sideyard and my '57 project has taken several changes in direction since I brought this chassis home, so no longer need it.

If you need it and can winch it out or bring a lot of people and carry it out to the street (about 80 ft.) and haul it off, its yours. No charge. If no takers in next 2 weeks, I will cut it up for scrap. So if you want it and can haul it off, send me a PM.

Note: I took this chassis from under a 1984 Chevy Caprice that had never been wrecked. Its a straight frame, but has been sitting out and will need sandblasting. Has 1 spot where A/C condensate dripped when under car that personally, I would weld a small patch on before using. Otherwise, its solid as near as I can see. And if you swap it under a '55 - '57 body or only use the front portion to subframe your car, that area will either be removed or fish-plated over and welded up anyway.

That said...... It has been sitting out in my yard for 20 years, so brake pads/shoes are rusted to discs/drums and wheels will not roll. If you air up tires, you might get them to break loose and roll, but in my experience, you would need to pull front calipers and rear drums to free them up.

Thanks for reading and if you need this chassis, want it for 'yard art' or just want to sell it for scrap metal and make a few bucks, give me a holler here via PM and I'll get back to you.

Happy Motoring,

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