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Have BBC +/- Trans, would trade for BBF +/- Trans - Located in SW Louisiana

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Have BBC +/- Trans, would trade for BBF +/- Trans - Located in SW Louisiana

Post by nickpohlaandp » Thu Sep 21, 2017 9:31 am

Before I start, NO, none of this stuff got wet during the recent flooding in Louisiana. It did not flood where I live. I thought that'd be a good opener.

I figured I'd give this a shot. I'm building an '87 Fox Mustang for a drag car and I have an undamaged 454 (was running when pulled and could do a compression test on the stand if you like) and a TH400 that I am planning on building it up and stuffing in. I'm not a brand loyalist, I don't prefer Chevy over Ford, Ford over Chevy, my builds dictate what I'll use. The more I look at it I'm thinking it would probably be very helpful to have the distributor up front in this Fox, as space is limited to begin with.

Here's what I have:

-BBC (complete, running engine), block casting 14015445. I'm not sure about the heads that are on it, but I suspect they're peanut port because it came out of an RV with about 70k on the odometer.
-BBC oval port -781 cylinder heads (bare, but I have all the parts if you wanted them).
-TH400 Transmission
-J&W Performance Bellhousing (TH400 to BBC)
-Scat 4.000" cast crank
-Eagle 4.250" forged crank

I would be willing to trade for:
385 series BBF (preferably a 460) in running condition.
C6 or PG transmission.

If you have a BBF but no trans and want the BBC, I'd be willing to part with just the engine, I can get another bellhousing to put the TH400 behind the BBF. I'm not willing to part with the trans without an engine though.

Well, that's about all I can think of. If you have any questions give me a shout. My notifications have been kinda hit and miss lately so I'll drop my cell here if you can't reach me via PM. (337) 965-0748
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