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outdoor wood boiler for heating

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Keith Morganstein
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Re: outdoor wood boiler for heating

Post by Keith Morganstein » Sat Oct 13, 2018 9:29 pm

resurrectionjoe wrote:
Thu Oct 11, 2018 1:17 pm
mk e wrote:
Tue Oct 09, 2018 9:16 am
I started building a new garage/shop last fall and had to move the 1000gal propane tank. The guy guy that came to do the digging was telling me he had just installed a coal furnace at his house....yes coal. He seemed to love it, fill the hopper about once a week and the auto controller adjust the coal feed rate to maintain temp. He said coal is really cheap (I'm in rural PA) compared to anything else. Before speaking with him it never occurred to me they even still make coal furnaces.....both my grandparents had OLD homes and both had long LONG unused coal cribs and that was 40+ years ago but it turns out they still make them and google says you can oven get 1 at homedepot. Who knew? Might be a good alternative to wood? It was 200 years ago so it might still be :)
This upcoming winter will be my 3rd year burning coal after switching from propane/electric. Love it. Would never go back. Top the hopper every other day. Empty ash pan every other day. Cut my heating bill in half. Controlled by thermostat 72 degrees all winter long.
A former co-worker set up a modern coal boiler inside a 20’ shipping container, behind his garage. The boiler and coal storage partitioned inside. The boiler was plumbed into the house much as a wood boiler is.
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Re: outdoor wood boiler for heating

Post by drifter » Wed Mar 13, 2019 1:36 pm

I am the one who started this post in 2010 and used my outdoor boiler for 7 yrs going out into the bush cutting down dead trees and bringing them back in and cutting them into smaller pieces and then splitting and stacking And all I can tell you is I am so glad not to be using this anymore besides all that work to get wood and then filling the boiler 2-3 times a day what a blessing it has been not to do this anymore I just buy heating oil

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