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2022 Ford Maverick truck!!!

Anything to do with the electric or hybrid world

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2022 Ford Maverick truck!!!

Post by BTZ201 »

Hi guys,
Anybody driving one of the new Ford Maverick hybrid trucks yet?
I am in the market for a new commuter and this truck really has my attention. I haven't been able to test drive one yet as most dealers don't have any on there lots yet.
My biggest concern is will I fit in it comfortably.
I am 6'2" and about 275lbs.
Just curious if anyone here is driving one yet and if so is it roomy enough for bigger guys?
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Re: 2022 Ford Maverick truck!!!

Post by 2seater »

The availability of the hybrid will be an issue as far as finding one to drive, but the turbo engined ones are fairly common to find on a lot so you can check your comfort level, the size and interior is the exact same. The 2022 hybrids have been sold out for the model year for a couple months now and as a matter of fact, mine ordered in August was just cancelled by Ford due to lack of hybrid drivetrains. If you are in CA you may have some luck but the interior of the country is on the short end, again. Best of luck
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Re: 2022 Ford Maverick truck!!!

Post by PackardV8 »

You are shopping in the worst time to buy a new vehicle since the post-WWII-pent-up-demand. The manufacturers have computer chip shortages and labor shortages and our government bought votes and caused price inflation by dumping trillions of printed money into the economy. Combining short supply with high demand and going forward the buyer will be paying approximately 25% more for the same vehicle than pre-pandemic-pre inflation.
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