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Flying cars

Anything to do with the electric or hybrid world

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Re: Flying cars

Post by SchmidtMotorWorks »

gruntguru wrote: Sun Dec 05, 2021 5:25 pm Good point Boot. I imagine a mass market flying machine would need an inbuilt sensing system to detect the weight (and balance) before allowing a take-off attempt.

Already being designed.
These projects are much further along than has been publicised.
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Re: Flying cars

Post by In-Tech »

I would imagine it already has a built in "dyno" :wink:
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Re: Flying cars

Post by dennisg »

With the proper ramp a car at speed will "fly". There must be a proper ramp for landing to avoid damage. It is only a ballistic trajectory not flight. I did it and consider it foolish although the car suffered no damage.
Controlled flight in a "flying car" is not new. Molt Taylor built and sold flying cars 70 years ago.
You removed the wings to drive on the ground. Cars are cheap and heavy.
Airplanes are light and expensive. The "flying car" was an airplane you drove on the ground with its wings removed.
As such it buzzed and was very expensive to operate as only an expensive A&P mechanic could work on it and you are using expensive airplane gas and wearing out expensive airplane parts instead of cheap car parts.
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