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Rivian discussion dumped to the cellar "General Discussion"

Anything to do with the electric or hybrid world

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Brian P
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Re: Rivian discussion dumped to the cellar "General Discussion"

Post by Brian P » Mon Jul 01, 2019 5:30 pm

Electric and traditional combustion-engine powertrains can coexist for quite a while yet, probably longer than I'll be on this earth.

I have zero interest in electric motorcycles, but it wouldn't trouble me one bit if the van that I use to carry my gasoline-engine motorcycle to and from the racetrack, was electric, and it wouldn't bother me if my commuter vehicle was electric (and the next one probably will be). It doesn't matter if a cargo van is "characterless" :D

If you fix the CO2 and pollution and whatnot issues associated with all those run-of-the-mill daily drivers out there by switching those to electric, the CO2 and pollution and whatnot of the remaining "toys" won't really be a problem any more.

Case in point, on a typical race weekend my bike uses about 10 - 12 litres of gasoline, but the van to carry it to and fro uses about 60. And tie daily-driver that I use to help pay the bills to support all this, uses more than the van does on a yearly basis. Fix the daily-drivers and utility-vehicles and the problem 90% goes away.

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