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Progress update on Don Terrill's Speed-Talk

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Re: Progress update on Don Terrill's Speed-Talk

Post by hoffman900 »

Been just over a year since Don passed away. Thanks to everyone who has kept this going and Happy Holidays.
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Re: Progress update on Don Terrill's Speed-Talk

Post by xurbanrat »

Don was a good guy.. buddy of mine knew him far longer than I and introduced us after I got back in town from going to school at SAM.. We chatted quite a bit about what I brought back with me and I started to write a how to port for him when I was doing some old phase VI bowties. But his computer savvy was way beyond mine..lol. I Hated dial up and sitting at a keyboard.. still got the floppy discs though.. I never realized just how far he had brought his internet business,, thought "Racing Junk" was it.. Boy was I wrong.. It really is nice to see he created a legacy and that so many guys enjoy it.. He was an exceptional character and truly a motor head.. He blew me away when he would start talking about Unequal length headers.. It was like he could see in his mind the fluidity of an engine at any, RPM.. Buddy let's me borrow Don's degree wheel when I need it and everytime, it creates a big smile for me.. it's the little things...
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