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Vizard’s 32 gram Cup Car Valve

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Vizard’s 32 gram Cup Car Valve

Post by marvingvx »

I was over at Dave's shop this weekend and saw this Box


My curiosity got me so I couldn't help but ask.
Here is what he showed to me and his description

trick vlvs.jpg
Cup Car TI valve (center) weigh’s in at 89 grams. The black valve made from expensive (very) unobtanium
weighs in a 13 grams while the gold colored one weighs in at 20 grams and is made of slightly more
available unobtanium. A Cup Car valve made of the lighter material weighed 32 grams.

Well the Cosworth valve felt like a piece of solidified air. When you tapped it against something it sounded like piece of glass tinging.

WoW if this is ever available for any small blocks I want to be on the list!!
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