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forum/stickys - interesting info/links

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forum/stickys - interesting info/links

Post by jred » Fri Jul 12, 2019 12:04 am

was just on line on 1 of the forums someone there posted a link to a site that stan weise had with all kinds on information on blocks bores deck heights rod length and such ..

this has not been the 1 time that i was directed to a site but have come to believe that with all the talent that's on this board that this board should have a place not just for vendors but for different people to be able to find information on items for their machines not so much like stones and such but items like special screws that sunnen uses or tooling..

we are out here doing the work can't seem to find or have the right names for these items,

I for 1 am so mad at sunnen that i only buy their items when nothing else is available I have 7 sunnen machines and purchased them not only because they are/were some of the best machines out there and if taken care of are for the most part a lifetime machine.

but I am tired of being hosed by sunnen for items that are outrageously over priced.

I am thinking that this could be included hot pass membership and could be limited to little known info that seems awfully hard to find,, I am in contact with 1 of the members here that's having problems with his balancer,,

he turned me on to a web site that has 11/15 pages on balancing percentages that Hines has on their website that nobody knows about,, I was friends with Linda and Gary at ABS balancing (only over the phone and at AERA convention) and have traded back and forth info..

now that Gary is gone so is a lot of the info that he had this the kind of items I am talking about

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Re: forum/stickys - interesting info/links

Post by BigBlockMopar » Tue Sep 03, 2019 6:00 pm

If I'm reading correctly you would like to see maybe a subforum, where forum members/vendors can post Links to interesting info and tooling/parts available online, that normally aren't easily found.
Sounds like a nice idea as such. Sometimes it can quite a bit of Googling to find info you're looking for, if you'll find the info in the first place.
Although I think the "Shop & Garage Tech"-forum could very well be used for this already imo.
If enough info and links are posted, perhaps some kind of archive/subforum could be made for this, for future easy reference.

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