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CLUTCH Pro is designed specifically for Pro Stock (Cars, Trucks and Bikes), Competition/Modified Eliminator and Alcohol class drag racing clutch management! CLUTCH Pro allows any racer to use their Windows PC to perform a complete computer analysis of their clutch setup and racecar performance! No more guessing how much static or counter-weight to add or remove as racing conditions change.
Sample CLUTCH Pro screens for a typical NHRA Pro Stock Car with an 8 inch L&T clutch are included on this page to help illustrate the power and versatility of the CLUTCH Pro software. The complete list of manufacturers and clutch styles available in the various software versions is also included. CLUTCH Pro already has versions for many different families of ACE, AFT, Crower, East-West, Hays, L&T and Performance Industries, RAM, RFE and Titan clutches. If your clutch is not included in this list, call us today for the latest information!
CLUTCH Pro includes all the variables required to accurately determine the characteristics of your clutch. Inputs include the manufacturer and size of the clutch, the number and style of the arms, the ring height and arm depth, and the static and counter-weight being used. From these input data, it is relatively straight forward to calculate the plate load (static and centrifugal components) that your clutch will provide over the entire engine RPM range.

However . . . CLUTCH Pro takes clutch management a step furthur by actually matching your clutch setup to your engine's torque curve! Required inputs for these calculations include the engine torque curve, racecar gear ratios, polar moments of inertia, and racetrack weather and track conditions. The number of disks and floaters and physical geometry of the clutch disks is also included as well as the critical clutch disk materials friction coefficient. These variables are required to determine the actual clutch torque capacity as a function of engine RPM. Any of these variables may be changed, and the impact on the clutch lock-up RPM quickly determined using CLUTCH Pro.
The clutch will slip whenever the engine torque at the flywheel exceeds the clutch torque capacity. The clutch will lock up whenever the clutch torque capacity is greater than the engine torque. CLUTCH Pro calculates the lock-up RPM of your engine and clutch combination in both low and high gears. Graphical output for the clutch torque capacity and engine torque curves is also provided on-screen! You can even compare two clutch setups side-by-side on the graphs!

CLUTCH Pro calculates the plate load at the two lock-up points as well as the Friction PSI. That is, the total plate load divided by the effective friction surface area. The Friction PSI is a measure of how hard the disk friction materials are being worked. Calculations are also performed for the Launch RPM, with both the clutch pedal depressed (using the air gap) and released.

CLUTCH Pro is absolutely the most comprehensive drag racing clutch management software available! Extensive on-screen help and powerful calculation worksheets are included to make CLUTCH Pro very easy to use. A complete user manual is included and technical support is always available to all registered users.

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