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Moonshine runners Flathead vs. Caddy V8’s

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Re: Moonshine runners Flathead vs. Caddy V8’s

Post by MichaelThompson »

One of the projects I’d like to accomplish on video would be to take a fully dressed stock Flathead and weigh it.

Then after stripping it down weighing each component before and after machining.

I have built .125” over Flatheads and I even have a block that is .250” over bore.

After all the porting polishing and grinding of unnecessary casting flash I end up with a pretty good piles of iron dust on the floor.

Anyhow it would be interesting to see how much weight gets removed from the block alone.

Then as the engine is assembled replacing some of the common parts with aluminum components such as the intake manifold, cylinder heads and water pump. If we were building a lightweight roadster we could even think about an aluminum flywheel.

Now there are mini starters and alternators which wouldn’t be traditional or in the context of our moonshine discussion but they are very interesting to think about just for the weight savings.

So the final scene would have the complete hotted up Flatty with common go fast parts on the scale. I’ll bet the engine would weigh close to 100 pounds less.

After which dyno testing the fresh engine to see just exactly how we’ve improved the power to weight ratio.

That ☝️to me would be a fascinating video.
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