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Lapping Compound?

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Lapping Compound?

Post by CraigG. »

Hey Everybody,

I have E-heads with swirl polished valve, solid roller springs and multi-angle seats.

What would be a good lapping compound - Brand, Grit, supplier for my application?

Engine book recommended 600 Grit.

Thanks Again, Craig
ProPower engines
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Re: Lapping Compound?

Post by ProPower engines »

First question is why are you lapping the valves? Are you freshening the engine? The seats may be out of concentricity with the guide and shound be done on a seat maching if they have been run with that much spring. JMO

Clover brand has been the standard for overv 50years. Permatex also has a lapping compound.600 grit would be the absolute coarsest grit (a Finer grit would be better)if just checking the seat contact prior to back cutting a valve.
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