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Post by mag2555 »

Why does this take place only on this site?

I get on by logging in.
I go to send a PM to someone.
I take 5 minutes composing that and then I go to send it and the site ask me to log in all over again, and then when I do such I loose what I composed.

I can’t even use the save option without it asking me to log in all over again

Why is this?
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Re: Why?

Post by ijames »

No idea why, but take out insurance after you finish composing and before you click send by selecting all and copying. That way if you do have to log in or anything else goes wrong short of a reboot you can just paste the text back in once you are ready. Just don't forget and cut or copy anything else before the send :-).
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Re: Why?

Post by BillK »

I have never had that problem. Do you check the "remember me" box so you don't have to log in every time ?
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Re: Why?

Post by BCjohnny »

If you're composing something long and important, write it out in Word/Libre and copy and paste just before you send ...... regardless of what happens you have the original, just takes a few seconds longer each time but way quicker than having to compose it all again

As regards the dropping out, no idea, never suffered from it ..... but it's likely in the settings you've created, especially concerning 'privacy', or the OS is starting to play up especially if it's an older flavour

No expert, but ......

I've run this for years and, apart from Windows specific programs I have a separate laptop for (I don't go online with), its about the least fuss OS out there, IMO
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