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externally balanced 89 Chevy flywheel interchangeability

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Re: externally balanced 89 Chevy flywheel interchangeability

Post by BillK »

I just want to mention that unless you actually do balancing guys dont realize how much this stuff varies even from the factory. Ford is absolutely terrible, GM isnt too bad. Some of the worst aftermarket stuff is also the cheapest so "you get what you pay for" definitely applies here.

But you also have to realize that they design this stuff for engines that realistically rarely even see 3000 rpm. The 5.7 Vortec in my 99 Tahoe cruises down the road at about 1800RPM at 70 mph. It would have to be really out of whack for the average driver to notice anything.
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Re: externally balanced 89 Chevy flywheel interchangeability

Post by Schurkey »

One of my flexplates--the one I bought new--was almost certainly a Pioneer. However, Summit doesn't keep records that long, so I can't verify.

The other was a beautiful gold color, had the SFI sticker, but no brand name as I bought it from a Craigslist ad--the original owner bought it but didn't use it. No box, no brand name on the part.

I'll take a look in the shop, see if I can find the one I didn't use.
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