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HFT to Hydraulic roller wet exhaust.

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HFT to Hydraulic roller wet exhaust.

Post by Tom68 »

So you've been running a HFT 230 230 110 .480", .006 numbers are 282 intake 282 exhaust.

Running with wet exhaust, no problems.

If you switch to a hydraulic roller and want similar plus a bit better performance with the extra lift, do you try and maintain the overlap at .006" lift to keep the cylinders dry even though the 50 numbers will most likely be smaller ?
skinny z
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Re: HFT to Hydraulic roller wet exhaust.

Post by skinny z »

I would say that if you are in the camp that says overlap is a big player in the cam spec, at least with cams in this range, then personally I would stick with what has worked.
Obviously with the same seat to seat timing, the greater lift is going to mean a faster lobe ( doesn't it?) and as such, the valvetrain has to be up to it
My 2 cents.
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Re: HFT to Hydraulic roller wet exhaust.

Post by CamKing »

If you just want to make more power, but don't want to change the power band RPM, then go to a 282/282@.006"on a 110, but with more lift.
Seat duration is what gets you in trouble with a wet exhaust, not .050" duration.
If you want to keep the torque peak where it is, and have the engine hold the power a little longer, go to a 282/286@.006" on a 111
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